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Julie Fahey is passionate about issues related to economic opportunity for all Oregonians – including policies that help working families, create living wage jobs, support seniors in their retirement, reduce class sizes, and improve high school graduation rates.

She is committed to the idea that our elected representatives should be open and transparent with their constituents. Throughout the 2017 legislative session, Julie hosted monthly town halls and constituent coffee meetings to hear directly from people in West Eugene and Junction City about the issues important to them. Locally, her biggest accomplishment was keeping the Junction City Hospital open – which plays a significant role in our public safety system and local economy.

Julie has seventeen years of experience in the private sector as a business consultant and co-founder of a human resources consulting firm for businesses and non-profits. Through her work, she helps employers pay their employees fairly, build skilled workforces, and make their organizations great places to work.

Julie is a strong advocate for equal access to quality education, and she has served as an officer in her Eugene chapter of PEO, a philanthropic organization which provides scholarships and educational opportunities for women around the world. She also served as the Chair of the Democratic Party of Lane County from 2012 to 2014. In her free time, she is an avid hiker and volunteered as a mentor on a backpacking expedition in Eastern Oregon with Big City Mountaineers, which leads wilderness trips for under-served youth.

In the Oregon legislature, she currently serves on the House Committees on Business & Labor, Economic Development & Trade, and Higher Education & Workforce Development, as well as the Ways & Means Subcommittee on General Government.


from the 2017 legislative session

Working Families

In 2017, Oregon passed the strongest Equal Pay law in the country, ensuring equal pay for equal work. We also passed the first statewide Fair Scheduling bill in the nation, giving more workers predictability in their schedules so they can plan for childcare, their education, or a second job. Julie sponsored and championed these bills and will continue fighting for Oregon families through her work on the Business & Labor and Economic Development & Trade Committees.

Junction City Hospital

One of Julie Fahey's biggest priorities in 2017 was keeping the Junction City Hospital open. The campus was originally proposed for closure at the beginning of the legislative session, but the legislature passed a final budget that maintains the current service level. The hospital plays a critical role in our state's mental health care system and our regional public safety system. The State of Oregon made an investment in Lane County, and it was critical we protect it.

Reproductive Health Equity

Julie believes that access to reproductive health care is a fundamental right. In 2017, she was a chief sponsor of the Reproductive Health Equity Act, which ensures that the full range of reproductive health services is accessible and affordable for all Oregonians. The law also prohibits insurers from discriminating in coverage based on gender, sexual orientation, or immigration status. The fight for expanding rights and access is ongoing, and so this issue remains a priority for Julie.


moving forward

Investing in Education

Julie knows our children are the most important investment we make. For too long, lawmakers have kicked the can down the road and passed inadequate and short-sighted school budgets that shortchange our students. We can't keep doing the same thing and expect different results from our education system. Julie is a strong advocate for structural revenue reform that will allow us to invest in quality education for all children in the state.

Career & Technical Education

Julie is a strong advocate for career and technical education programs in our schools. Students in these programs are more likely to graduate from high school, have a job once they graduate, and earn higher wages. By bringing back shop classes and offering more STEM courses in schools, Julie knows we can help the next generation of Oregon workers meet the demands of a high-tech economy by teaching marketable skills.

Housing Affordability

Oregon is experiencing a housing crisis in both urban and rural areas of the state. Rising rents threaten the economic security of families, and available rental units are few and far between. Finding ways to keep rent down and increase the supply of housing are top priorities for Julie. She has also worked to pass legislation related to manufactured home parks, and will continue to support the residents of the thousands of mobile homes in her district.

Health Care for All

Health care is a human right. In the legislature, Julie has supported policies such as Cover All Kids, the Reproductive Health Equity Act, and the Health Care for All Oregon Act, which ensure more Oregonians have access to health coverage. She strongly opposes attempts to roll back Medicaid coverage for those low-income families and people with disabilities who rely on it.

Environment & Climate Change

Protecting Oregon’s public lands and farmland, preserving our clean air and water, and addressing the challenge of climate change all require strong leadership from Oregon’s elected officials. Julie believes the legislature should act by promoting energy-efficient building, investing in clean and efficient transportation, adopting sensible land use policies, and partnering with other states to limit carbon emissions.

Higher Education

For many students, pursuing an associate, bachelor's, or advanced degree is an important step towards their career and personal goals. In a time when far too many young people are burdened with crushing student debt from skyrocketing tuition rates, Julie supports increased state investment in higher education for community colleges and universities.

Corporate Tax Reform

Tax levels for large corporations in Oregon are among the lowest in the United States - and individual Oregonians end up paying for it. Julie supports efforts to modernize Oregon's tax code to allow us to fully fund education and other critical services, and to bring some much-needed stability to the state's tax revenues. We can't wait until the next economic downturn to act to fix our broken system.


These organizations have endorsed Julie so far in her 2020 campaign: 

  • Oregon Nurses Association

  • Planned Parenthood PAC of Oregon

  • NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon PAC

  • Basic Rights Oregon Equality PAC

  • Sierra Club - Many Rivers Group

  • Oregon League of Conservation Voters

  • Oregon State Building & Construction Trades Council 

  • Joint Council of Teamsters No. 37

  • Int'l Union of Painters and Allied Trades – District Council 5

  • Freethought Equality Fund

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