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Welcome to my website! It is an honor to serve our community in the Oregon Legislature. Please contact me anytime - I’d love to hear from you! 


Meet Julie

Julie Fahey is passionate about issues related to economic opportunity for all Oregonians – including policies that help working families and small businesses, address housing affordability, support seniors in their retirement, reduce class sizes, and improve high school graduation rates.

She is committed to the idea that our elected representatives should be open and transparent with their constituents. Throughout her 5 years in office, Julie has hosted regular town halls (virtual and in person) and constituent coffee meetings to hear directly from people in West Eugene and Junction City about the issues important to them.

Julie has twenty years of experience in the private sector as a business consultant and co-founder of a human resources consulting firm for businesses and non-profits. Through her work, she helps employers pay their employees fairly, build skilled workforces, and make their organizations great places to work.

In the Oregon House, she currently serves as the House Majority Leader, the Chair of the Housing Committee, and the Vice Chair of the Rules Committee. 

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from the past 5 years

Working Families

In 2017, Oregon passed the strongest Equal Pay law in the country, ensuring equal pay for equal work. In 2019, we passed a bill that will created a comprehensive paid family leave program, so Oregonians can take time off to bond with a new child or care for a seriously ill family member. Julie sponsored and championed these bills and will continue fighting for Oregon families through her work on the Business & Labor and Economic Development & Trade Committees.

Student Success Act

In 2019, Julie helped make history with her work on the Student Success Act, a $1 billion/year investment in early childhood education and our K-12 public schools. The SSA will help lower class sizes, expand career & technical education courses, and increase access to early childhood education programs. Julie served on the legislative committee that developed the Student Success Act and was a strong advocate for increasing investments in early learning. 

Reproductive Health Equity

Julie believes that access to reproductive health care is a fundamental right. In 2017, she was a chief sponsor of the Reproductive Health Equity Act, which ensures that the full range of reproductive health services is accessible and affordable for all Oregonians. The law also prohibits insurers from discriminating in coverage based on gender, sexual orientation, or immigration status. The fight for expanding rights and access is ongoing, and so this issue remains a priority for Julie.


moving forward

Housing Affordability

Oregon is experiencing a housing crisis in both urban and rural areas of the state. Rising rents threaten the economic security of families, and available rental units are few and far between. As the Chair of the House Housing Committee, finding ways to keep rent down, increase the supply of housing, and protect residents of manufactured home parks are top priorities for Julie. 

Career & Technical Education

Julie is a strong advocate for career and technical education programs in our schools. Students in these programs are more likely to graduate from high school, have a job once they graduate, and earn higher wages. By bringing back shop classes and offering more STEM courses in schools, Julie knows we can help the next generation of Oregon workers meet the demands of a high-tech economy by teaching marketable skills.

Health Care for All

Health care is a human right. In the legislature, Julie has supported policies such as Cover All Kids, the Reproductive Health Equity Act, and the Health Care for All Oregon Act, which ensure more Oregonians have access to health coverage. She strongly opposes attempts to roll back Medicaid coverage for those low-income families and people with disabilities who rely on it.

Environment & Climate Change

Protecting Oregon’s public lands and farmland, preserving our clean air and water, and addressing the challenge of climate change all require strong leadership from Oregon’s elected officials. Julie believes the legislature should act by promoting energy-efficient building, investing in clean and efficient transportation, adopting sensible land use policies, and partnering with other states to limit carbon emissions.

Higher Education

For many students, pursuing an associate, bachelor's, or advanced degree is an important step towards their career and personal goals. In a time when far too many young people are burdened with crushing student debt from skyrocketing tuition rates, Julie supports increased state investment in higher education for community colleges and universities.


Julie supports a comprehensive, coordinated response to homelessness, through improved access to supportive housing, mental health care, substance abuse programs, and social services. In 2022 she led the development of a $400 million homelessness and housing package, which will help connect unhoused people with shelter and critical services, keep Oregonians in their homes, and build more affordable homes.


These organizations have endorsed Julie in her 2022 campaign:

  • Oregon Nurses Association

  • Oregon Education Association / Eugene Education Association

  • Oregon State Firefighters Council

  • Planned Parenthood PAC of Oregon

  • Pro-Choice Oregon PAC

  • Basic Rights Oregon Equality PAC

  • Sierra Club - Oregon Chapter

  • Oregon League of Conservation Voters

  • Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters

  • Oregon State Building & Construction Trades Council 

  • Oregon & Southern Idaho District Council of Laborers (LiUNA)

  • United Food and Commercial Workers Local 555

  • SEIU Oregon


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